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Better Together in the South

June 4, 2013


The great folks at the Applied Research Center (which publishes Colorlines) released a briefing paper today on their year-long Better Together and Southern Leadership and Action cohort. The cohort was made up of groups from the South that work on LGBT and racial justice issues. Here’s a summary from ARC:

Our newest briefing paper, Better Together in the South: Building Movements across Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, looks at the challenges and opportunities that arise when we connect the movement for racial justice with that of LGBT liberation in the U.S. South. Drawing on lessons learned from the cohort, the paper shares strategies for advancing change in the South and beyond. Three key themes for progressive movement building in the South are intersectionality, unity and visibility. To illustrate these themes in action, we present brief profiles of four organizations: the Freedom Center for Social Justice (FCSJ) in Charlotte, BreakOUT! in New Orleans, SPARK in Atlanta, and The Center for Artistic Revolution (CAR) in Arkansas.

Conversations such as this are vitally important for any movement, but also for us working on democracy issues. Democracy groups need to begin thinking more broadly about working across issues for change, and cultivating a more diverse leadership within their organizations. Check out the report from ARC, there is some great information on what the groups were able to do, as well as recommendations for building future work.