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From volunteering to employment

June 20, 2013

handsraised2Going on this week (right now, in fact) is the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, hosted by Points of Light. The conference brings together folks from all sides of the political spectrum (let’s just say that Karl Rove and Donna Brazile both have prominent roles) to discuss what’s great about volunteerism, and the great impact that service can have in bringing people together to help one another.

A new report from the Corporation for National and Community Service (h/t to NCoC for this link) finds that volunteering can often lead to increased employment opportunities. This builds off of NCoC’s report from 2011-12 which found strong connections between a state’s civic health and its economic vitality.

The report, Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment, finds that volunteers are 27 percent more likely to find a job after being unemployed than non-volunteers. Volunteering also improves the job prospects of those without a college degree (51 percent higher than non-volunteers) and those living in rural areas (55 percent higher than non-volunteers).

Business, government, and nonprofit leaders need to consider how their policies and actions can “strengthen social cohesion and provide opportunities for volunteerism,” while citizens should take the opportunity to lead volunteer projects and neighborhood efforts.

Read the full report via CNCS: Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment