Our Purpose

The Campaign for Stronger Democracy will create a more powerful democracy reform movement by convening the broad range of individuals and organizations seeking to strengthen our democracy.

We believe that the elements of a strong democracy are interdependent. Alone, better elections or greater transparency will not be enough. We need better elections and better access to information and better processes for public deliberation and strong media institutions and a more engaged citizenry. Our work will not be done until the work of the whole democracy reform movement is done.

We believe that advocates for a stronger democracy are more powerful together than we are alone. We must collaborate to raise awareness, support each other, and celebrate each other’s victories. Together, we can reform how our nations and communities work. As a movement, we are committed to building bridges across our work and to forming more powerful coalitions – so that we can be heard and enact real change. We are committed to articulating a compelling call for democracy reform that will resonate with the American people at this historic moment.