CSD Newsletter – June 1, 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of the Campaign for Stronger Democracy’s e-newsletter — a clearinghouse for news about the democracy reform community. The Campaign is a new coalition that is working to increase collaboration among democracy advocates.

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From the Blog

  • Jobs and Opportunities Listing: The Campaign has recently added a jobs and opportunities page for job and internship openings in the democracy field.
  • A New Trend in Voting Rights?: We look at some of the state level legislation being pushed around the country to preserve the right to vote, and expand things such as same-day registration. We revisited the subject later in the month when some members of Congress introduced the Voter Empowerment Act.
  • Richard Lugar, civility, and partisanship: Richard Lugar, US Senator from Indiana, lost his primary election earlier in May and had some harsh words for his opponent, who has promised to take a rigid partisan stance if elected in November. We take a look at his statement, and the importance of civility in a strong democracy.
  • Stream or download our Democracy Exchange on media access and reform: On May 1 the Campaign hosted its Democracy Exchange on media access and reform, speaking with Rinku Sen of Colorlines.com and the Applied Research Center, and Craig Aaron of Free Press. Rinku Sen discussed the intersection of race and media, as well as their Drop the I-Word campaign. Craig Aaron addressed the importance of media on public debate, and how the focus of journalism should be on communities. Stream or download the exchange on our website.

Five Things You Must Read

  • Money in Politics is a Ballot Box Issue (Democracy Corps): A new report from Democracy Corps and Public Campaign Action Fund shows that money in politics is a “ballot box issue,” with 60 percent of respondents saying that candidates should address the issue of money in politics, while 57 percent say that reducing influence of money and lobbyists in politics is one of the most important factors in deciding for whom to vote.
  • Millennials, Activism, and Race (Applied Research Center):A new report from the Applied Research Center titled “Millennials, Activism, and Race” looks at the what motivates young people in the United States to participate in organizations and social movements, and learn to what extent millennials feel a racial justice lens is essential to social justice as a whole. The report also provides recommendations for reaching out to and engaging young activists.

Upcoming Events


Democracy 2.0

Electoral Reform and Voting Rights

Government Reform and Civility

Judicial Reform

Lobbying, Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform

Media Reform and Internet Access

National, Community and Public Service

Participation, Collaboration, and Civic Engagement

Racial Justice, Civil Rights and Immigrant Civic Inclusion

State and Local Democracy

Transparency and Openness

Youth Engagement and Civic Education

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