CSD Newsletter — May 31, 2011

Welcome to the third edition of the Campaign for Stronger Democracy’s e-newsletter — a clearinghouse for news about the democracy reform community. The Campaign is a new coalition that is working to increase collaboration among democracy advocates.

Five Things You Must Read

  • A 10-Point Plan for Civic Renewal: CIRCLE’s Peter Levine offers a new 10-point plan for civic renewal that seeks to integrate major policy proposals from across the democracy reform community.
  • States’ Bills Chip Away at Democracy: Public Campaign’s Nick Nyhart and Demos’ Tova Wang author an op-ed about the concerted attack on our democracy, ranging from new obstacles for electoral participation to attacks on the public financing of elections.

Upcoming Events


Democracy 2.0

Electoral Reform and Voting Rights

Judicial Reform

Lobbying, Ethics and Campaign Finace Reform

Media Reform and Internet Access

National, Community and Public Service

Participation, Collaboration, and Civic Engagement

Racial Justice, Civil Rights and Immigrant Civic Inclusion

Transparency and Openness

Youth Engagement and Civic Education

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