Over the coming weeks and months, the Campaign for Stronger Democracy will launch several new projects to encourage greater collaboration across the democracy reform community.

Specifically, the Campaign will offer value to the democracy reform community by:

  • Influencing and Supporting Each Other’s Reform Priorities and CampaignsDemocracy reformers are often unaware of each other’s priorities and campaigns. This means that we are unable to support one another and unable to influence each other’s approaches and proposals to reflect mutual areas of concern. By coming together, we will raise awareness of what each other is working on, create opportunities for us to influence each other’s proposals and ideas, and rally our respective constituencies in support of each other’s campaigns.
  • Launching Collaborative Projects to Address Cross-Cutting Priorities on Which No One Else is Currently Working
    While a remarkable breadth of activity is currently underway to strengthen our democracy, there are important goals for which no one or too few are working. We must come together to identify those initiatives and projects that must be launched and find the resources to do so.
  • Creating a Larger, More Powerful Grassroots Constituency for Change
    Real sustained change will only occur if leaders know that there is organized public demand for strengthening our democracy. By working together, we can raise awareness among our constituencies about each other’s work and reach out to natural allies to engage their constituencies to create a stronger grassroots movement.
  • Getting Ideas and Proposals in Front of the National Policymaking Community
    We are living in a unique political moment in which the policymaking community has a new openness towards democratic reforms. By working together, we can make sure that the issue of strengthening our democracy and the reforms to do so are part of the national conversation and in front of key leaders in the national policymaking community.