Communicating About Our Democracy

“Communicating About Our Democracy” seeks to foster collaboration across a diverse group of democracy reform advocates, supply tools to expand public support for strengthening our democracy, and deepen the network of leaders addressing different aspects of our democracy.

This project engages democracy leaders in a series of facilitated meetings with the primary goal of overseeing a communications research project. We are identifying unifying frames, messages, and narratives to deepen and empower a more integrated democracy movement. With a highly diverse set of leaders participating, we believe this process is also contributing to increased collaboration among the broader democracy reform community.

More than 40 democracy advocates representing a diverse mix of 35 organizations gathered in Washington, D.C., on October 14, 2011, for the inaugural meeting of this project. After reviewing findings from a comprehensive survey and analysis of existing communications research, participants worked for the rest of the meeting in an iterative series of small-group and plenary discussions to identify a research agenda for the next phase of research and to refine goals for the broader Campaign. Please click here to see notes from the meeting and an executive summary of a report from Lake Research Partners that informed the day’s work.

“Communicating About Our Democracy” is an initiative of the Campaign for Stronger Democracy. Proteus Fund with generous support from The Proteus Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

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