Reform Agenda

A stronger, healthier democracy requires reform on multiple fronts:

  • Collaborative Governance & Community Problem Solving: Foster greater collaboration across government agencies and with the public to resolve conflicts and solve problems.
  • Electoral Reform & Voting Rights: Eliminate unnecessary barriers to voter participation, expand voter choices in the election process, and promote fair and uniform administration of elections.
  • Immigrant Civic Inclusion: Reduce barriers to the civic inclusion of immigrants.
  • Democracy 2.0: Connect citizens to government and deliver services more effectively.
  • Lobbying, Ethics & Campaign Finance Reform: Reduce the influence of special interests on our policy making process.
  • Media Reform & Internet Access: Ensure that the public has access to many sources of information about the issues that are most important to their lives.
  • Organizing: Empower people to join together with others to take action and make their voices heard in their communities, their work places and on important issues.
  • Public Deliberation & Participation: Design policymaking processes that are informed by the results of authentic public deliberations and consultations.
  • Public, National & Community Service: Create opportunities for people to volunteer to address community and national problems and participate in civic life.
  • Racial Equity & Civil Rights: Promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons. Address barriers to full participation.
  • Transparency & Openness: Increase public access to and use of information from the government to increase accountability and improve people’s everyday lives.
  • Youth Engagement &   Civic Education: Develop life-long civic skills among young people to improve communities and create better citizens.